Artemisia Extract Powder Artemisinin 99% HPLC for Antimalarial

Product Name: Artemisinin Synonym Name: Artemisia Extract CAS. Number: 63968-64-9 Molecular weight: C15H22O5 Specifications: Artemisinin 98% Appearance: White crystalline powder Certification: ISO9001/ISO22000

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Artemisinin Introduction

Artemisinin (Artemisia Extract) is refined active ingredients from dried herb Artemisia annua Linn. after extraction, Dewaxing, Chromatography, and purification process, content of artemisinin is 99.00% above on anhydrous basis. Artemisinin is a colorless acicular crystal with a melting point of 156 ~ 157℃. It is easily soluble in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and benzene, soluble in ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in cold petroleum ether, and almost insoluble in water. Artemisinin is the most effective drug for treating malaria resistance so far.

Mainly Specifications of Artemisinin Derivatives

① Artemisinin crystal 99% HPLC ② Artemisinin Powder 99% HPLC ③ Artemether 99% HPLC ④ Artesunate 99% HPLC ⑤ Dihydroarteannuin 99% HPLC

Benefits of Artemisinin

❶ Artemisinin is an best antimalarial agent, can kill pathogenic insects and also have anti-schistosoma effect. ❷ Inhibit growth of cancer cells and induce the apoptosis of liver cancer cells, breast cancer cells, cervical cancer cells. ❸ Artemisinin can inhibit fungal and immune regulation effects.

Typical Specification Sheet of Artemisinin 99%

Analysis Items Specifications Methods
A. IR IR spectrum is concordant with the reference spectrum of Artemisinin.
B. HPLC Retention time of the sample matches with the standard in HPLC purity test.
C. Chemical reaction1 A deep violet color is occurred.
D. Chemical reaction2 A violet color is immediately occurred.
E. Solubility Practically insoluble in water, soluble in Methanol, freely soluble in acetone.
Physical Tests
Appearance Colorless needles or white crystalline powder Visual
Melting Point 150℃-153℃ Ch.P 2020<0612>
Specific Optical Rotation +75° to +78° Ch.P 2020<0621>
Loss on drying ≤0.50% Ch.P 2020<0831>
Residue on Ignition ≤0.10% Ch.P 2020<0841>
Active Ingredients Tests
Artemisinin (HPLC) 98.00%-102.00% Ch.P 2020<0512>
Total impurities (HPLC) ≤2.50% Ch.P 2020<0512>
Impurity A (HPLC) ≤0.15% Ch.P 2020<0512>
Impurity B (HPLC) ≤2.00% Ch.P 2020<0512>
Unspecified impurity ≤0.30% Ch.P 2020<0512>
* Statements: Additives free, Allergen free, Irradiation free, GMO free.

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